Social Changes In The Victorian Period

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The Victorian period started in 1837 through 1901 under Queen Victoria’s reign. The period got divided into three stages: Early, middle and late Victorians periods. During, the early Victorian era took the throne. Under the middle years, the industrialization of the country began and everything stay steady. On the last few years, a lot of problems rise up with Ireland and the English colonies. In her 63 years of ruling lots of cultural, political and economic changes arise. The country became highly industrialized and expanded its land to some parts of the middle west of the World. However, under the period, many diseases were developed such as typhus and cholera because of the food distribution and hunger. Social changes such…show more content…
Many writers were successful showing the economic and social progress along with the social problems the society was facing at the time. Writers like Charles Dickins wrote about the hypocrisy of the people facing hunger, poverty and infant mortality on his novel, Oliver Twist. It is a story of Phillip Pirrip an orphan apprentice of the dirty work of forging, looking to become a noble gentleman describing his life from infancy to maturity. It could be considered a semi autobiography of Charles Dickens. It’s a tale of crime and guilt, revenge and reward. Mr. Dickens could be considered one of the most important authors in the 19th century. His influence goes far beyond literature. Among the things he left us he gave us a white Christmas concept along with Prince Albert’s Christmas tree, and a description of England’s poverty. Also, modern character comedies and the way he used to do live readings fill with humor and performance, a big influence in the cinema industry, the development of the meaningful names of the characters, and his particular view of the law against the poor. Charles Dickens also wrote a travel book and administered charitable organization he was also a theater
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