Definition Of Social Care Essay

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According to the Social Personality Expert Social concern is our interest or interest in helping others. Our immediate environment has great influence in determining our level of social concern. In order for us not to be numb with societal concern, we must be diligent in sharpening our social concerns. The trick can diligently attend social service events. One to note is the pity definition. Sometimes we often say that pity is a misnomer of social concern. Thought is wrong because social concern is not just limited to thinking or feeling, social care is an action. So if we look at the disaster victims on television and we can only pity, it is useless because if we care then we have to act. Because really caring is not only know about something…show more content…
People who complicate the affairs of others are people who do not care about social. Social care has many meanings, but in general all parties almost agree that social care refers to good deeds to others. Implementation of social care is very easy and can be done at any time, for example smile to others until others feel comfortable is an example of social care. Furthermore, social care can also be done without others knowing it. "One time the author got a complaint from a lecturer (a college in Bandung) who felt not noticed by his colleagues. At that time was not involved as a training instructor (by becoming a training instructor he would earn a decent fee). I say, try to come to the instructor 's coordinator to get a turn as a coach. He said that he had come to him, what he said was: "I have no obligation to anyone-including you-to choose someone as an instructor!". In my opinion, such words are an example of no social concern. He only cares about political calculations, choosing someone who will someday be able to get his debt. Pity to the friend, because he had no contribution to the coordinator 's political network, he became a victim of
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