Social Class In American Television

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The Social Class in American Television How many times have you seen an American TV series? Have you realized that they show some of the most common situations in the country, like social classes? They make comedy or a drama about it and that is amazing. For example, 2 Broke Girls, Gossip Girl, 90210, and many others. Max and Caroline from the sitcom 2 Broke Girls are the best example for this and we can see how American television shows to the audience differences and similarities between people that were born rich and people who were not. In the sitcom 2 Broke girls Caroline that was born rich is more positive than Max that were not, but also Max knows what hard work and self-help mean for the future more than Caroline. This kind of TV shows…show more content…
Max always has been poor. She lives in a very small apartment in New York City. She has 2 jobs, first one is be a waitress and second one is babysitting Paige’s kids. In contrast, Caroline was born rich, but she lost all her money because of her father bad businesses. Be a waitress is her first job and she is trying to do it right. Caroline never had problems in her life, so the only thing she had to handle with was lost her fortune, but for Max that is different. Because of their past situations differences, they have different attitudes, Caroline is more secure about what she wants to do in life and believe she can do it. On the contrary, Max is afraid of lose everything and afraid of fail. As Gregory Mantsios said their class differences have an influence on how they live, what they want for the future, their hobbies or activities, who are their friends, their education and their jobs. (Mantsios, 2003). An example, could be when Caroline proposed Max to open a new cupcake business. Caroline was very happy and positive about it, she said “The life will always under value you if you let it” (King & Cumming, 2011, minute 2:24), so she made a vision board with her goals on it and try to convince Max, but when she suggest to ask Peach about it Max said “She has fancy people with real companies, we are not a real business” ” (King & Cumming, 2011, minute 4:12). This differences in attitude make the audience think about how social classes in America affect your personality and your future
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