Brave New World Government Regulations Essay

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In Brave New World the government regulations completely change the way people live their lives. In the book the government tries to regulate the way people live by making it a Utopia yet while the government is trying to do this they actually create a dystopia. When the government came up with the regulations for the world state they started to encourage the use of drugs Unlike in our society where the government grounds upon the use of drugs. When the government was Making the Regulations they also made it so that people should not have any real relationships. Finally the government MAde it that they say what you do based off of your social class so you only want to do what they tell you that you should do.

In the world state when people start to feel emotions the government gives you a drug called soma and this drug is used to make people feel no emotions. Yet when you look at our society the government
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With these classes becomes jobs and things that each class is set/taught to do and everything that there taught to do is what they’re told that there supposed to like. During the book there was this one cene when they were describing how they teach the kids to do what there supposed to do for there social class and you see that Espions are taught to not like books and the outdoors so that they will only want to stay inside and work in the factories. Yet in our society you can do whatever you want from the world states society. Looking at the jobs across the United States there are some jobs that are for some people and other jobs for others. Like higher class people can b people like CEOs and business owners and then you can have people like chefs that aren't wealthy and in a lower wealth class yet they're all doing what they want to do not what the government tells them they need to
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