Social Class In Persepolis

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Many controversial things happened during the Islamic revolution. In this essay some of those topics will be discussed and broke down from the book by Marjane Satrapi Persepolis. Marjane Satrapi’s perspective on her book Persepolis affects how she views and presents the revolution, religion, and social classes during the revolution. In short, this essay will show how Marjane doesn’t present these themes in the true ways they were.One of the themes in Persepolis is social class, social class is defined as all of the people of a community or country is divided by their wealth. In other words the richest will be at the top and they are the rarest type of all, while the most common are the poor/unemployed which are at the bottom of the pyramid.…show more content…
Ultimately this shows how little Marjane’s father and everyone else thinks that people need to stay in their own social classes and shouldn 't try to leave them, no matter what. This tears apart the maid for she truly loved the boy, but was forced to end the relationship and Marjane sees this as very wrong, and wishes social classes didn’t affect people’s lives. However, Marjane’s young perspective doesn’t allow her to see the full picture of this. Social classes are a big part of the Iranian culture and they believe that people need to stay in them, Marjane can’t understand this and as a result she became so angry. Another theme in the book Persepolis that is talked about is religion. Religion is the belief in a superhuman with powers like a god or gods that controls everything. An example of all the different types of religions is seen at the top of this paragraph.In Marjane’s graphic novel she portrayed religion as one of these most important aspects of people’s everyday lives. It is simultaneously being represented as something that needs to be followed to its full extent, as an illustration of religion this photo is showing all of the different types of religion that people all over the world worship. In Persepolis, Marjane portrays religion as the most important thing in her life, but she is also feeling that it is being forced upon people. Every girl at her school is forced to wear the veil, which according to her teachers it is
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