Social Class In The Movie: YMCA Baseball Team

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Name: Aninor Ogbemi-Daibo YMCA Baseball Team Reaction Paper. Though this movie was made to portray the life in Korea 110 years ago, it really resonated with me because I found it very similar to life in present-day Nigeria—where I am from. The impoverishment of the people and the clear distinction of social class was all too familiar. Another similarity I observed was the unification of a group of people through sports. This paper aims at addressing those similarities as well as some other occurring factors in the movie I could really relate to or have personally experienced. The impoverishment of Koreans prior to modernization, which had been talked about in class, was also reinforced in the movie with scenes that portrayed the lack of infrastructure and the poor standard of living of the people. This state of being greatly resembles how my country has been and still remains, till this day. Nigeria, though with one of the largest economies in Africa, still has well-over half of the population living in poverty. There is little to no infrastructure and the standard of living, even with its little improvement over the years, is still way beyond where it can be. Thus, greatly affecting the social class system of the country. Apparent distinction between the social classes in Korea was also depicted throughout the movie. Although the emancipation of slaves had already occurred by 1905, the country was still far from attaining equality for its people. Lower class

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