Social Class In The United States Essay

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The Big Picture: Social Class in the U.S. Basically, this video talks about social class. In class systems, people are ranked by both birth and individual achievements. Also, people are born into certain social classes, but are able to move through individual effort in class systems. The divide between the rich and the poor is increasing. I believe that richer people have more opportunities. They have the money to pay for expensive schools that poor people don’t have. Income refers to earnings made from investments or work. Wealth refers to the total value of money and other assets minus debt. Wealth includes stocks, bonds, and real estate. Income is more evenly distributed than wealth. I found this speaker to be monotone just like she is every week. It made it extremely hard for me to concentrate. Sociology in Focus:Social Class One percent of the U.S. population controls nearly one-half of the nation’s wealth. The class system differs and contrasts in many ways with a caste system. Class is divided into the middle, upper, working, and…show more content…
social class can be hard to define. There is low status consistency which means have important jobs, but make moderate income. Social class can change during a person’s lifetime. It will either go up or down, but most of the time it stays the same. Social class can have effects on health, political attitudes, and prison rates. Children born into poor families as three times more likely to die from diseases, neglect, accidents, or violence during their first year of life than children born into rich families. Higher income people are more likely to vote and more economically conservative. The working class are economically liberal and socially conservative. Poor communities are policed more than any other class. We form stereotypes against people based on how much money they have. I believe that we shouldn’t do this. I thought this video was the best one of the week. I found it to be very interesting and
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