Social Class In Two American Families

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Social class in America is determined by wealth, prestige, and power. Depending on the American’s class, race, or gender, can determine the outcome of their life chances. The documentary, Two American Families demonstrates the effects of social class in relation to their race and gender for the Neumann and Stanley family. Two American Families really portrayed the families living experience in their socioeconomic status. Claude and his wife, Jackie Stanley, have barely survived living in Milwaukee, despite all of the hard work they put in. For example, Jackie received her real estate license but since African Americans have a harder time in the real estate business than Whites, things started to fall apart. Her daughter Nicole Stanley said,…show more content…
Afterwards, he was accepted to attend Alabama State University. As per Starbuck and Lundy, “The common belief is that poor persons lack the motivation to work hard and pull themselves out of poverty” (pg 91). As an American society, it is assumed that whatever social class you are born into, that is where you stay. But, in Keith’s case, he took responsibility for himself and wanted to live a better life for himself and his family. Although their family did not have the money, Jackie Stanley did everything she could to keep Keith in school. In lecture, we discussed that the parents in the working class make sacrifices in order to allow their children to get the education they need. According to Starbuck and Lundy, “...even when neither parent had finished high school, 28.6% of sons and 24.8% of daughters got some college” (pg 96). In comparison to Keith, I can relate because I am the first person in my family to attend college. Therefore, I am always motivated to do well at this prestigious university and help my family out in the long run. Although I had to take out many student loans and it’s not easy on my family, I plan on graduating and giving back to my family. In conclusion, social class in America has a major impact on families. Two American Families and Social Class and Families by Starbuck and Lundy, have portrayed numerous facts about social class in America and brought my attention to the importance and impact of social class. No matter the individual's socioeconomic status, I hope that it motivates Americans to push themself past the stereotypes and make it into a higher social

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