How Does Willy Russell Create Tension In Blood Brothers

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Blood Brothers essay –
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Blood Brothers is a two act musical written by Willy Russell. The story tells about the twins Mickey and Edward, who are separated at birth with Edward living a comfortable life with the Lyons family, and Mickey with his birth parents living in poverty. The boys become good friends without the knowledge of having the same surname.. Russell’s musical clearly shows us that there are two distinct social classes in the story, and the two very different lives those boys have. Throughout the essay we see how these boys social class affected their lives, and eventually created tension between them.
The essay will discuss the importance of the setting of the play, and whether these two very different
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This circumstances does not help Mickey, who is not able to get a proper education and upbringing. Mickey is not able to find a job as he lives in the poor part of Liverpool, and ends up with the wrong bunch of kids and ends up being part of the crime scene. He is involved in a robbery trying to help his brother Sammy who accidentally shoots a man and escapes the scene of the robbery leaving Mickey alone. The police arrive and take him to jail. This is an important part of Mickey’s life, as this is the place where he was prescribed antidepressants, as he keeps taking them even after he comes out of jail. Watching Mickey’s actions, it is clear that when he finds out about the relationship of Edward and Linda Mickey is jealous of Edward, and frustrated because of the situation he is. We know this when Linda asks him to stop taking the pills so she can see him, and he says, ‘That’s why I take them. So I can be invisible.’ This is not the first time Mickey is aware of the differences in their lives, but because he is under the influence of pills, he is not aware of his actions and he feels frustrated in his life and does not know what to do. He confronts Edward, and this results in tragic end with the death of two friends who are really blood brothers. With these very different social classes, can Mickey be blamed for his actions? Mickey was not…show more content…
Lyon is rich, but does not have a child. She represents the rich social class, as she hires Mrs. Johnston to help with housework. When she finds out that Mrs. Johnston is pregnant she asks her to give the child to her. This shows her arrogance because she knows that with money she can buy things she does not have, even a child! She becomes very worried about the friendship of Edward and Mickey; she goes to Mickey and tells him about the friendship of Edward and Linda. This is a turning point in the story, because when Mickey hears this he immediately goes to confront Eddy. All his life he has seen Edward having a confortable life, education, job, and now he is even taking his girl.


Throughout the play, it is very obvious to notice how Edward and Mickey have a different life, just because they come from different social class in their town. Mickey being in the poor part of the city ends up accidentally killing his best friend and “Blood Brother”. But the choices Mickey made in his life also affected how his life turned out. It did not help that he was always poor, and did not have the same opportunities that Edward had, but the combination of being poor, turning to crime, and finally the possibility of losing his girl “Linda” made Mickey rebel against the harsh realities of his
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