Social Classes In The 18th Century

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Social classes have been around since the beginning of Modern civilization. They can be called different names based on where you go. Social classes, for example, were called casts in India. Even in modern day America we have social classes. People can be sorted into one of three classes. The upper class that contains most of the wealth and have many luxuries, the middle, or working, class that works hard, usually at one job, for a living and can afford some extra comforts, and the lower class that will work multiple jobs and still struggle to get by. Just like the social classes today the ones in the 18th century had definite differences along with some similarities. There were three main social classes during 18th century Britain. The first, and wealthiest, class were the Gentry. Included in the Gentry…show more content…
On the other end of the spectrum, there are the working poor who lived in overcrowded workhouses that were commonly festered with disease. These people had to work numerous hours in a factory or on a farm every day just to make enough money to stay alive. In between these two are the working conditions of the other 3 classes (White). The people of the gentry “included … gentlemen … wealthy tradesmen, and well-off manufacturers.” (Social and Family Life…). They were quite wealthy, but still had to manage their company or trade business. Finally the middle class consisted of mainly hardworking merchants, artisans, and shopkeepers that worked similar hours compared to what a middle class person in would today. The freeholders would work their own land, providing crops to feed their families and sometimes sell on the market(Social and Family Life…). Despite the enormous differences in the amount of work and working conditions between the classes, work was not everything. People would partake in many different leisure activities to pass the

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