Social Classes In The Victorian Era

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Have you ever heard of the Victorian Era, or why the Era was named that way? On authority of the website “”, The Victorian Era took place in June 20, 1837 to Jan 22, 1901 in the country England. The Victorian era included Queen Victoria 's reign that was 64 years long. The longest reign in England. In this composition about Victorian Era I will be recounting about the Social classes, how women lived in the era, and diseases.

To begin with, the Social classes, this includes, The Upper class, The Middle class, and The Working class. According to, “” The Victorian Upper class consists of Aristocrats, Nobles, Dukes, and other wealthy families working in the Victorian courts. First of all, let 's start with the Upper Royal class. As the source mentioned before says, “Many Aristocrats did not work as for centuries together their families had been gathering enough money for each generation to live a luxurious life” That how the Upper class became the top class, from Aristocrats who managed large industries. Now in terms for education those who came from the rich families got the best tutors to provide good education. These wealthy families could buy expensive clothes imported from Europe, or afford other riches of life that was beyond the scope of others. (Victorian era Society and Social Class Structure). Secondly we move on to the Middle class, not rich, but not poor either, in between. They are the next in social ranking. As claimed by the
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