Social Cliques In High School

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If you have ever attended any public middle or high school I am sure you are aware of the social cliques you will encounter upon being there. Of course, you have your mean girls, jocks, country group, band kids, group of smart kids, cheerleaders, and the list goes on and on. No matter what social clique you come from there is always a chance of you being looked down on in some form. For instance, take the band kids vs. the popular group. Often times these two cliques do not associate in any form. The popular kid most likely thinks everyone will think they’re lame if they’re caught talking to the band kid. This is a cliché clique rivalry that has gone on since before my great grandmother was in school. Although in most movies the popular group of girls is classified as the “mean girls”, that is not always the case. Sometimes the popular girls are the ones who use their popularity for the good of others. At my high school, the popular girls are straight A students who attend church, do volunteer work, and are very involved in our school activities and organizations. However, some students will find…show more content…
There will be good and bad things about your clique and you will be forced to either go along with them or just put up with them from afar. Cliques are one of the hardest things to understand in high school, sometimes they are typical such as mean girls and jocks but sometimes, you have those rare cliques such as previously discussed. Oh, and good luck finding a genuinely nice clique who searches for the best in everyone. Here in high school, it’s eat or be eaten. “Don’t underestimate how difficult and frightening this is for girls, and give your daughter credit for getting out of bed in the morning.” Take this literally because high school is a scary place, especially for a teenage girl who is still trying to understand herself and find her place to fit

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