Social Cognitive Theory Project 11

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Despite they’re being no literature on what theory Project 11 comes from I have determined that it is based on the social cognitive theory. The reason for my decision that Project 11 comes from the social cognitive theory is because when looking at what Project 11 provides children it is all about giving them the confidence and tools to be able to learn to deal with difficult situations, hence when they eventually do move on in their later years they will hopefully have the confidence and self efficacy to be able to deal with whatever stressful scenarios that come there way. There is the dynamic interplay between the cognitive, environmental and behavioral aspects in the social cognitive theory (Lox, Ginis & Pertuzzello, 2010). The cognitive aspect deals with teaching children the different techniques to deal with stress, anxiety and problem solving, where the environmental area it is easily accessible in the schools and has an impact on others in the community, lastly behavior gives kid’s the skills to be able to do this outside of school and take it out with them in the real world. These three areas are tightly related all helping build a child’s self efficacy to be able to use these skills. Project 11 also helps increase the self-efficacy of students through the four primary ways to enhance self-efficacy. Mastery experience, when kids realize they are getting better at coping with stressful situations or in general feeling better about themselves, which ties directly

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