Disrespects Of Social Conditioning

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Social conditioning covers things like, Respect, in which I have a difference in opinion on this one; I feel that disrespect is earned or learned. Most people tend to show more respect for strangers, and often time give those strangers more respect than they do their love ones. Another social conditioning issue is Commitment; what does it mean to you, and what is about? This is my question to you…Have you ever committed and/or finished anything wholesome; training, college, relationships etc. If so, are you more likely to commit to a bad or sadistic relationship as long as no one knows about the relationship? Does a troubled relationship put you at ease, does it relax you, or does it stress you out stress, or not? Does any mention of…show more content…
Do you have neophyte fever, meaning you treat people like you have been treated? Have you been conditioned to have negative thoughts about everyone, or feel that everyone is bad, including your family etc. etc? If so, these are signs of social conditioning. These are learned behaviors taken from some part of your life or someone else life. They are usually taken from a negative event or terrible experience witnessed and/or experienced by you or someone you know. Please do not misunderstand me, not all social conditioning experiences are bad. For example; being socially conditioned to smile even when things are not going well, or being polite when someone is disrespecting you or treating you ugly, being cheerful despite being placed in a tough situation or accused of a dreadful thing. Social conditioning could be either good or bad depending on your background and…show more content…
First let’s describe all three. The word hippie was coined in the 1960’s, synonymous with longhair and carefree living.

The term Preppie coined in the 1980’s, by derivation means a person who favors or is viewed as favoring clothing style or behavior associated with traditional preparatory schools.

The term yuppie also coined in the 1980’s, by derivation it means a young, ambitious, and well-educated city-dweller who has a professional career and an affluent lifestyle.

The term millenniums the new generation of yuppies, but they are more technologically savvy and financially

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