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The purpose of this report is to find out more about China communication style and social behaviour. This report will contain both research as well as personal observations and encounters. It describes what and how communication style here can affect the people living in China and tourists as well as how do they react socially in their daily life.
Unless foreigners are Chinese and can speak Mandarin, which is the most common and basic language in China apart from their dialect, communicating with the locals can be difficult when we are trying to get things done in many part of China without the aid of a translator (for non-Mandarin speaking foreigner) or someone who understand Singapore living and culture.
English language are very patchy
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Chinese non-verbal communication speaks volume that sometimes outweigh the verbal language.
Since the Chinese strive for harmony and are group dependent, they usually rely on artifacts, haptics, chronemics, proxemics, facial and body expression, tone of voice and posture to tell them what someone feels. For instant, frowning while someone is speaking is interpreted as a sign of disagreement. Hence, most Chinese maintain an impassive expression when speaking. In China, it is consider to be disrespectful to stare into another person’s eyes. Thus, in crowded situations, the Chinese avoid eye contact to give themselves privacy.
Social behaviour in China is amazing as China possesses unique cultural characteristic that allow their citizen to live together in harmony. They talk loudly when on or over the phone or speaking to each other and invading people’s personal space are all valid and common type of social behaviour in China.
In the streets, people often stood in front of or blocked other pedestrian, oncoming automobile and bicycles. There are also reckless driver with bad driving skills however all these are allow in China. They are all
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For Westerners living in China, they grew up in a different culture from the locals here. Any Westerners visiting China should remember that China have many potential problems such as patience, respect and practice.
From the fishbowl discussion and personal encounter, people in China does have patience problem. Maybe it was due to the China manpower and economy that they have so many competition around the country that they have to make full use of what they have and not waste any time. This could be linked to why there are so many car honking every day in China. However, I feel that it was not just patience but that people in China have the sense of urgency in doing things unlike Singaporean.
Often people of China are seen as pushy, loud, impolite, unruly and they are everywhere. But not all of them are rude. Educated people like the local students are usually better behaved than those who have had a lower education standards like the middle aged

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