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SOCIAL AND EMOTIONAL COMPETENCE – AN INEVITABLE (INDISPENSIBLE) PART OF AN ORGANISATION’S SUCCESS Abstract: The importance of Social & Emotional Competence in today’s business work life cannot be undermined. The approach in dealing & maintaining a balance between Social & Emotional Competence plays a major role in organisation’s success. The tenacity here is to examine the importance of Social & Emotional Competence and its distinct approaches, in the form of steps of how to increase your Social Competency in case a company lacks it, because not every company is blessed to possess social competence in its employees and examples of companies who has taken an initiative to maintain Emotional & Social Competence in their organisation.…show more content…
APOLLO LIFE’S CORPORATE WELLNESS PROGRAM Apollo Life has some great combinations of health related packages. They offer various blood tests, scans, Ayurveda and beauty packages, dietary advice, personalized counselling sessions as well as tele-counselling sessions which can be extremely useful given the hectic corporate lives. They even have programs to help employees quit smoking and alcohol dependency. The greatest advantage of such a program is that it will prevent breakdown of the employees, which is a growing phenomenon behind the dreariness of grey walls. 2. TATA CONSULTANCY SERVICES’ (TCS) CORPORATE WELLNESS PROGRAM Another wellness program that is on offer is by TCS i.e. Tata Consultancy Services, which conducts regular health screening for their employees as your health affects day to day activities. Poor health leads to poor performance at workplace. They have understood the concept of positivity and peace at workplace and have screening tests, counselling sessions, physical…show more content…
It integrates seamlessly technology with healthcare to provide optimal benefits to employees. 4. WIPRO’S CORPORATE WELLNESS PROGRAM Wipro corporate wellness program incorporates in it the wellbeing of the employee as well as of the family. It provides a complete health check-up for the employee as well as coverage for the basic treatments used during the entire working year. It also has tie ups with certain hospitals and clinics where the treatment can be taken or even surgery be performed for discounted prices. 5. ACCENTURE’S CORPORATE WELLNESS PROGRAM Accenture wellness program is another great corporate health package for their employees. In fact, Accenture has been accredited with being the healthiest employer in the U.S and is taking this ahead in India as well. It takes care of the standard modes of treatment as well as alternative methods like homoeopathy, etc... Basic investigations and body scans are a routine, but employees have access to customized websites that assess their health, coaches them to lose weight, track their diet, etc. ADVANTAGES OF CORPORATE WELLNESS PROGRAMS Based on a study conducted in India, it was estimated that about

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