Social Conditions During The Progressive Era

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The Progressive Era had mainly focused on improving social and economic issues such as poverty, violence, greed, class structure, monopolies and trusts, corruption and etc. I, Jane Addams, am a middle class woman and a progressive worker who has been one of the many who have faced constant unethical social conditions that occurs along the urban streets following rapid industrialization in America. I have witnessed that the influx of immigrants who’ve migrated to America have struggled in engaging in the numerous opportunities America has to offer; due to them lacking an education and knowledge in various areas. I propose that a solution to this problem would be establishing settlement houses to where I suggest it would assist and provide social and educational services to predominantly immigrant residents to who subside in crowded streets of America. One of my closest friends, Ellen Gates Starr, and I have pondered on the idea of naming one of the many settlement houses to be named the “Hull House” where it would be located in Chicago and also provide such services to those in nearby communities and neighborhoods as well. The many goals of this settlement house would be to “assimilate and ease the transition of immigrants into the labor force by teaching them middle class American values” and “…provide social services to families who are unable to afford daycare centers and various necessities”. Following the opening of numerous settlement houses, I would guarantee you that I will express my journey and findings in a book to which I would name “Twenty Years at Hull House”.
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