Health Care System: A Case Study

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Narratives are also shaped by organisational and institutional conditions. The social conditions in health care are composed of networks of public and private organisations, bound by contracts, within competitive, market-style relations.80,103 In this context, managerial work may be less a technical exercise in the application of rules and procedures and more about managing relationships. Whether or not this promotes more of an emphasis on hard business skills or soft social skills (or some combination), it does suggest a greater intrusion of identity regulation into hitherto unchartered internal depths.104,105 In other words, are managers more liberated by marketisation or do they find their identities more tightly regulated and constrained?…show more content…
First, we provide an overview of the institutional context for management in the health care system, in terms of broad policy and more specifically in terms of impact on Healthcare System…show more content…
But it can get too much quite easily and it does quite frequently. And then you realise it’s the end of the working day and I’ve not written my notes up and of course legally that’s unacceptable. So they might roll over to the next day which I know is not ideal, but I might stay late to finish them. All had heavy workloads and were under pressure to see more patients and reduce waiting lists. Work satisfaction was primarily derived from their clinical work, but also from fostering a happy team and from teaching. What is the purpose of this study? The aim of this project is to improve our understanding of how healthcare managers handle the demands and challenges, the motivations and rewards, of a changing service. We know very little about the work experience and attitudes of healthcare managers, but when things go wrong, this group often takes the blame. We will explore the impact managers have on the quality and outcomes of patient care, and we also want to find out how changes to working practices are managed after serious or ‘extreme’ incidents. This can be a problem, as the recommendations of enquiries, in health and elsewhere, often sit on the
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