Social Conflict In The Film 'Drey' By Shareeka Epps

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Drey, played by Shareeka Epps, is a student of Dan Dunne’s history class and a player on the Girls’ basketball team. She is also dealing with a drug related problem of her own. Later in the movie, she was involved and influenced with selling drugs to people in the neighborhood by her friend Frank. This is a social conflict in today’s world that people can get young ones to the dirty work and they are the ones risking their own lives with crime while both the young person and the supplier are both making profit.
It is the social influence and the possible risk factors that causes the social problems of drug selling in adolescence.
It examined the processes, experiences, and the individual’s own interpretations of the context surrounding selling drugs in his adolescence (Daniels).
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With Mike in jail, Drey’s father non-existent in her life, and her mother working all the time, it is quite noticeable that no one looks out for Drey, despite that her mom works a lot. With neighbourhood like this one, it is very normal for some youths to get them into drug dealing and influence them. The youths are risking their lives while working for other drug dealers. This is another social issue in today’s society that is a drug related

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