Social Conflict Theory Essay

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Poverty is a huge piece of our general public, however there isn 't only one meaning of neediness that fits all needy individuals Poverty can appear to be unique amongst societies and influence individuals in various ways. People may believe that labor force participation indicate that the belief that poor people lack motivation to work; however, this is not true. Most poor people are, in fact, either working, unemployed, but looking for work, or unable to work because of their age or health. There are three theories that try to explain why poverty. The functionalism theory examples that rather than looking at how parts of a person affect the ability of the person to function, parts of the society are looked at for their effect in maintaining society. Social conflict…show more content…
The main idea is that there are areas within a population from which deviance arises, and crime rates are stable despite ethnic changes within the neighborhood. The theory has come under some fire by critics because of its reliance on locations, lack of focus on social structures, and locus of application. I agree with the theory as it is similar to the Criminal Justice “Broken Window Theory “.The “broken windows” theory voiced by George Kelling and James Q. Wilson in 1982 on an article in the Atlantic Monthly, which showed a link between urban disorders and crime that involves a process of deterioration in those areas that creates an atmosphere that make people think a place is not being “taken care of” and would most likely not care about the determination and a great environment for criminal because nobody cares about the “broken glass”. If the neighborhood does not seem to care about their environment, it would be seen as a norm to become
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