Social Conflicts In Troy's Fences

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Fences introduces many social conflicts throughout the play while reminding the reader that this can be a close representation of reality. The play tries to appeal to the sympathy of the reader while Troy Maxson is speaking. However, one cannot find sympathy towards a man that says one thing and its actions are completely different. It doesn’t make any sense to give a character, such as Troy, the chance to be likable. From the beginning, he treats his wife as if she was just an article, a property or a fun sex toy. It isn’t surprising that he treats her like that and that she doesn’t do anything against it because the play was written during the 1980s. However, this shows the sexism that the play might want the reader to explore and interact with. The reader, indeed, is shocked by how Troy treats his wife, Rose, with such a carelessly manner and with a disrespect even greater than what his son showed to him later on in the play. Fences on its own, it is a play that evokes anger and disgust in today’s society. The way that Troy speaks to Rose and the way that he interacts with his son, Cory, is unacceptable in today’s society. We could say that the play has its own twist once Troy’s life is completely destroyed. Troy might want his son to have a life that he hasn’t been lucky enough to acquire, yet he is the main cause for Cory’s life to disintegrate into passed opportunities. Throughout the play, we could see Troy’s fear of giving his son a life similarly to the one he had
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