Social Consequality: The Injulity Of Women In Society

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“We live in a society where children are seen as price trophies, where women who are unable to give birth are seen as incomplete individuals and the social stigma attached to them is cruel and dehumanizing.”
-Merci Fabros in Raposan (2002)

Infertility is a life experience that is shared by many women all over the world. Society deems it as tragedy, a curse, and crisis due to its many threats and underlying consequences that affects the quality of life of women and her family (Van den Akker, 2012; Covington & Burns, 2006). In a world where seven billion people live, eight to twelve percent experience and suffer from infertility and many more are not accounted for (Kols & Nguyen, 1997). Unwanted childlessness is seen in all societies and across culture (Van den Akker, 2012; Mascarenhas, 2012).
In every culture and society, there are different meanings attached to the word woman and there are also different roles given to them. The expectation and worldview that women are to reproduce is unquestionable across cultures and the word woman and mother are almost inseparable. When you are woman, you are expected to conceive so the identity of a woman is attached to her ability to procreate (Van Balen & Inhorn,, 2002). This is a woman’s ‘biological destiny’ (Bartlett, 1995) because the woman’s body is specifically designed for the ability to conceive and house a child inside her body (Van den Akker, 2012). In the article by the World Health Organization, Rita Sembuya

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