Social Consequences Of Urbanization In The 1920's

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Urbanization may be driven by local or global economic and social changes, and most of the time is the product of industrialization. As urban areas grow the population shifts from rural to urban areas, which is an example of how society adapts to change. The industrial revolution is the best example of this transformation to urban life, people wanted to upgrade their standard of living. This had both good and bad outcomes, the good was that it increased jobs and a bad outcome was that the life for the low class wasn’t that great. Most people were working for long hours for very little money to survive. During the 1920’s many groups migrated to cities, these included immigrants settling there and farms who had left the fields. When people migrated…show more content…
The anonymous nature of the cities and the teeming masses of inhabitants provided opportunities for thieves and pickpockets. The consumption of alcohol increased as people tried to escape from the boredom and drudgery of their daily lives. There was no way out of the poverty trap. Children were forced to work just enable poor families to survive. The prevalence of child labor meant that the poor could not receive an education to enable them to get better, skilled jobs. The levels of violence were high, including the number of murders in the city. These were all the worst effects of urbanization in America.
The centers of cities became full of people and the richer inhabitants moved outside the city center to escape the overcrowded, dirty conditions to the suburbs with their clean, green spaces. Tenements were also constructed on the outskirts of the city in undesirable districts close to stockyards or slaughterhouses. The movement to the more rural areas outside the central city areas is referred to as urban sprawl, yet another of the effects of urbanization in
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Important facilities such as hospitals were built improving the health and survival rates of inhabitants. A variety of jobs were available and the standard of living of most inhabitants were improved. Access to goods and services adds to convenience and the range of items available.
Urbanization was a period of time when we learned to live with both the good and bad aspects of life, just like any other period in history. What made urbanization so special was that many modern practices and things we take for granted today, was developed during this time. People learned that to live and survive there are going be sacrifices, but in order to better yourself and family you must do what you have
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