Social Consequences Of Workplace Bullying

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1. Introduction
As per definition the term ‘workplace bullying’ is considered “persistent, offensive, abusive, intimidating, malicious or insulting behavior, abuse of power or unfair penal sanctions, which makes the recipient feel upset, threatened, humiliated, or vulnerable, which undermines the self-confidence and which may cause them to suffer stress” (Peyton, 2003:38-39).
Throughout this essay there will be a focus on how workplace bullying manifests itself and how to distinguish between bullying and other malicious behavior, the theoretical aspects of the topic in order to better identify it, the social consequences as well as the proper conduct in resolving the issue of workplace bullying.
2. Conceptualisation and Contextualization
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4. Social Consequences & effects of Workplace Bullying
4.1 What Are the Consequences of Bullying in the workplace?
Workplace bullying has clear significant and adverse consequences for the employees, the organizations and society more broadly.
Below, we discuss two broad categories of consequences of workplace bullying:
4.2 Human Costs Targets of workplace bullying experience significant detriments to their health and wellbeing. These individuals report increased psychological distress including anxiety, depression, negative emotions, and overt anger. Targets also report higher levels of burnout and emotional exhaustion (Hershcovis, Niven, et al., 2015).
4.3 Organizational Costs
The human costs of workplace bullying discussed above have obvious implications for organizations, as targets experiencing emotional and physiological impairments are more likely to be absent due to sickness (Hershcovis, Niven, et al.,
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5. Possible solutions:
Workplace bullying are becoming more and more common, workers that are affected with this bullying must know of their rights as employees and that there can be solutions to this problem you as a worker can go and talk to the HR or the management and there can be steps taken against the bullying or legal effects
In the workplace management find it difficult to recognize themselves with behaving in a bullying or aggressive way, when line managers work with a low performance teams they are there to motivate the workers this can cancel any sort of bullying. (tehrani, 2012:40-41) So begin with the management of the company and make sure there are no aggressive ways in their behaviour, in this way you can deal with mistakes and

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