Social Constructivism And Social Relativism

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For the better part of the Century, psychologist has obsessed over one simple yet puzzling question… What causes the different behaviors in individuals? As everyday humans, it might seem like this question isn’t as difficult as previously thought. If you were to ask a person on the street this question they might give you an answer like,” we are who we are” or “we are born this way”. Psychologist knows better though; they understand that there is a multitude of components that attribute to human behaviors. Many psychologists in the late 1960s neglected the possibility that behavior was more than just biological in nature. However, some proposed that to answer this question we must consider that the psychology that would best explain this “crisis” was located in the social. Our day to day interactions with the people around us and the structure of our society as a whole was the cause of our behavior. This sociological theory is known as Social Constructionism, the development of collectively constructed understandings of society, or the world, that create the basis for assumptions that are shared by others in that society, ” Social constructionists, however, deny that their position embodies the kind of relativism which leads to self-refutation and absurd outcome of anything goes” (Hibberd 29). This theory generally attempts to answer the question stated above, what causes the different behaviors in individuals? In this psychology course, our main source of social
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