Social Context Of Adulthood

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In relation with human context, the word adult is associated with social and legal concepts. Adulthood a phenomena in the legal sense can be derived for a person who is above a particular age ,universally acceptable at the age of eighteen with easy access to worldly substantial materials, and is ought to be independent self sufficient and responsible. In the social context adulthood is one that has a thought of mind that allows the one person to understand himself and his surroundings. . Hence to this argument of having two different contexts of one subject in my strong opinion adulthood is not restricted to any age; rather it revolves around a certain maturity level which is there in you with development of thoughts, ideas and understandings for everything around. This encompasses a strong psychological development in one person. A person is denoted as an adult when there is self realization at a point of knowing your responsibilities and eventually owning them up without any such assistance. This is when he is able to process and realize his emotions and feelings and firstly take up responsibility for himself. It generally means when you own up the consequence of your actions and alongside not expecting from anyone else. For example your parents to intervene in the particular situation and apparently help you out of the decision. Numerous people become adults at a very young age. Considering an orphan who after the death of his or her parents is only left with being self
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