Social Control In Brave New World

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Huxley in his The Brave New World suggests the perfect system of social control, where incubators make children and their main moral is “COMMUNITY, IDENTITY, STABILITY” (The Brave New World). The main idea of this book is almost as in socialist countries, but conflicts and fights will never appear among people. In author’s perspective, this perfect world is a paradise for humanity, but in reality, there are only everyday routine job, obligatory, need, clothes and even food in their lives. Citizens do not have incentive, because they have everything that governors allow for certain caste. When the future society in embryonic form, government determines, which particular group each member belongs to by their intellectual abilities. Those groups have their own vision of happiness and requirements according what the rulers announced in the beginning. Machineries program each person that caste kind of…show more content…
In The Brave New World, kids about an two years old face recognition of the end of their existence and it is a necessity and an unavoidability. They lose fear of death, which sounds so positive in author’s opinion, but when one is scared of death, s/he fights for life and tries to survive. Thus, in nowadays’ world, we know the value of life, which creates feeling such responsibility for each soul. For example, when one loses their grandparents, they realize that they might lose their own parents and therefore, kids treat their parents with love and worry. Beside it, family provides feelings such as being in need, while in the new world citizens feel only obligatory. In addition, citizens’ life becomes very boring, planned and no spontaneity. They have certain schedule and they have to follow it. People no longer have joy, which usually fills life with fresh content and gives us motivation to keep involving in social

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