Social Control Meaning

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After reading the article “The meaning of Social Control”, I can see how the social control effect my everyday life as it stated “No society can exist without social control”. I never really think about how being in a certain group of people could change my behaviors. I can be loud, happy, and comfortable when I see my friends from high school compare to the more serious behaviors with my co-workers. Being in one group and also in another group give me different perspectives in life and how it shapes the way I think and act. Now, I will be able to further identify each little social group contributes to a big picture of my life. I think it is important to be in a “right” group for each person because there is an old Vietnamese saying that my mom always like to remind me “when you close to the light, you will be brighter and feel happier and if you closer to the dark, you will feel sad and bad”. That saying has a hidden meaning which is if you are friend with good, hard-working,…show more content…
Just yesterday, I went to eat with my sister at the restaurant. We happened to have good coupons for two free appetizers and the waitress did not seem too happy and asked “Are you guys here with the free coupons?” We said yes and she brings out the order with a check. We were so surprise to see our check this early. We were shocked and my sister said “maybe we didn’t dress fancy enough and that she thinks that we are Asian and can’t afford the real entrée.” We were about to order more, but because of her rudeness, we decide to just eat the free food and leave for another place. In my sister’s mind that the waitress treated us differently and unfairly because of the clothes we wear, how we look, and probably think that Asians fall into the same typical social group. She ranked us in the lower class and that we will give her a smaller tip no matter how good the service will be; therefore, we don’t deserve a happier
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