Social Conventions In Romeo And Juliet Essay

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Taking My Romeo & Juliet On A Walk Of Social Conventions In the story, the author uses some social conventions to develop his characters in his plays. He uses the stereotypes set by these conventions, using them to make the characters seem normal or strange. The story of Romeo & Juliet by William Shakesphere starts in Verona, a small town in Italy. Here, two people from rival families fall in love despite strict disapproval. In the end, the lovers commit suicide as a result of a plan gone awry. The social conventions that will be focused on are how parents treat their children, the way government uses punishments, & violence against others without a personal hatred. During the times of Romeo & Juliet, parents would dictate their children to their own benefit. After Tybalt is slain by Romeo,…show more content…
Instead of asking Juliet why she refuses to marry Paris, he makes the situation worse. When the nurse first finds out about Juliet marrying Romeo, she supports Juliet, urging her to do what she thinks is right. When lord Capulet’s opinions oppose Juliet’s, the nurse changes her viewpoint on the situation, supporting lord Capulet. “I think it best you married with the county. / O, he’s a lovely gentlemen! / Romeo’s a dishclout to him. An eagle, madam”(3:5:219-221). Here, nurse changes her view on Romeo and supports Juliet’s parent’s view. Nurse supports his opinions to show her loyalty to lord Capulet. Punishments from the government are too severe for the according punishment. After Romeo avenges Mercutio’s death by slaying Tybalt, leaders rush to decide Romeo’s fate. “PRINCE:And for that offense / immediately we do exile him hence”(3:1:188-189). Without getting all the facts, they rush to exile Romeo from the country as fast as possible. After the judgement, it was most likely that reasons & excuses would come to explain Romeo’s
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