Social Criticism: Causes And Consequences Of Materialism

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Types and consequences of materialism: As materialism is of different types, the consequences are also different for different theories .In one of the theories of materialism is stated as life in terms of physical matter .Here all thoughts, feelings and any other things are explained by physical laws. According to Atheistic view, the person who believes in philosophy has no room for god. In another theory, there is a view that values life by amassing, clinging to and utilization goods which sets up to measure one another by quantity and wealth of possessions. This results in several dangers. When one’s goal is to make profit, persuading pleasure, it leaves little time, energy and ability to focus on goals .Another one is where the people keep social strata based on material and goods. Due to this, the concepts of serving others are ignored. The tragic and important one of materialism is the denial of free will. A consistent materialist necessarily denies free will. There are major consequences due to this denial of human free will .Without freedom; there is no dignity or responsibility. The denial of free will leads to denial of morality, because it does not exist in pure matter. For a human the choice of action was not determined by total set of physical conditions that are prior to the choice. Most of the materialists are not consistent…show more content…
A practice or action which aims for one’s own sake regardless of consequences of that action to others is selfishness. Selfishness is destructive, at least in the long term. It is destructive both for the individuals who practices it and the other who eventually hurts. Selfishness is inherently anti-social, and humans are basically social in nature. As now we can say competition is also anti-social, as someone wins and becomes happy, whereas other loses and gets frustrated. Hence, a consistent materialism leads to selfishness, and therefore leads to destruction of

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