Social Cultures In The 1920's The Great Gatsby

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I think that there are many points in both the novel and the movie I have studied in which the cultural context and the social norms of the time are shown clearly and impact upon the characters in the novel. The Great Gatsby was written and is set in the 1920's, known as the 'Roaring Twenties' or the Jazz Age, which began soon after World War I and ended with the 1929 stock market crash. I'm Not Scared was released in 2003 but was set in 1978 in Italy, which was during a time of corruption and violence. The 'Years of Lead' took place during the 1970's and was marked by a wave of incidents of left-wing and right-wing political terrorism. There was widespread social conflict and unprecedented acts of criminality (including kidnappings). Women's…show more content…
This was the time of 'flappers' who were the re-invented women of the 20's. They didn't conform to the social norms at the time and rebelled against what was traditionally thought acceptable. The 20's was an important time for women when they finally gained the right to vote. This signified the changing times and the new attitudes towards women in America at the time. They also began to wear their hair short in bobs and wear short dresses and flashy jewelry. In I'm Not Scared, the women in Acqua Traverse lead very traditional lives and the audience can tell that the town is patriarchal and that gender roles are enforced throughout the movie. Women do not play a dominant role. Anna and the other women of the village are not consulted concerning the tactics of the kidnapping, although they help in keeping it a secret. They have little option but to go along with whatever the men decide. Women in the movie are responsible for looking after the home and the children. Skull's brother Felice is shown to have little or no respect for women when he attempts to attack Michele's
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