Social Determinant Analysis

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There are a number of social, structural and environmental determinants that can affect the residents of 32114 area code. Moreover, the determinants of health such as food sources, exercise, transportation and access to health care are essential to health outcomes in this community. The Social determinant of health that I decided to emphasize is physical activity.
The access to physical activity is a powerful determinant of health outcomes. The pictures taken are of the Cypress Walking Park and the Midtown Development Center pool. These two facilities are rarely accessible in lower socioeconomic neighborhoods. According to the University of Florida website, stated that low socioeconomic neighborhoods normally do not have access to physical activity facilities. Furthermore, physical activity facilities needs to be to inexpensive or
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For example, cardiovascular disease including heart attacks and strokes cost approximately $315.4 billion in 2010.
Upon interviewing an employee at the Cypress Aquatic Center, I found that there was not much use of the Center during most of the year. The Life Guard I spoke with said it was a cost of $3 for Adults and $2 for Children. He thought the cost and the fact that it was an outside pool were the reasons for the low attendance at the Aquatic Center. According to the article, entitled Why Swimming Is the Best Exercise Ever. Swimming has numerous benefits such as, it builds strength and cardiac abilities, it is calming, and it puts less strain on joints.
Additionally, I was able to interview a couple of women that walk the Cypress Park Walking Trail nearly every day. I asked them did they feel safe. They said that they did because the park is out in the open and the police drive patrol the park very often. However, I visited the park at different times of the day and the population of persons

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