Social Determinant Of Health Essay

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According to the International Rescue Committee (2016) video, an estimated of 20,000 young boys “The lost Boys” have been pushed away from their families and villages to flee to Ethiopia to avoid death or admission into the army. In fact, the first health determinant that may affect the health of these boys is the disruption of the family unit, which has a significant impact on the development of children (Viner et al., 2012). Indeed, family supports are essential during adolescence and provide a stable foundation for the rest of life. Children who lose their families and other social links are more vulnerable to recruitment for military activities. Moreover, The second determinant of health explored here is that these youths have been exposed…show more content…
In conflict settings, these social determinants influence the health, opportunities for social and intellectual development and quality of life of youth even more, as they operate in an environment in which the basic rights of children have…show more content…
According to Hunter, Neiger and West (2011) social capital is described as a social adherence and collaboration between members of a society. In other words, social capital is the presence of social supports, connections, and networks. Certainly, social capital is especially important for young people who are taken into the care of the government and have lost key family and social connections. Social capital can help with the integration of these youth in their new community as these social relationships are linked to more positive health. According to Hunter (2011), “when people feel more comfortable and they contribute in their communities, they tend to have better health than those who do not”. In fact, by taking care of their determinant of health, which means giving them the opportunity for education, housing, employment and sufficient transportation, the host countries would increase these youth ability to develop control overs their live conditions, get support from others, or to completely contribute in the

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