Social Determinants Of Health Care Essay

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As previously described, the United States is the country that spends the most money in health care in the world. For example, just in the year 2008, it spent 16.2 percent of its gross domestic product on health- care (Gaydos 700). Through the population health model, investment and policy decisions in areas such as education, income transfer, civil rights, macroeconomics, employment, welfare, housing, and neighborhoods would have a significant effect on improving a population’s health than increasing the spending on medical services. (Jonas & Kovner 92). Through this model, there might not only be a decrease in what is spent by the country in health care services, but also an improvement in many other areas that would improve the economy of…show more content…
By reducing health disparities, vulnerable populations are empowered, increasing the equality in access to health care services, quality of care and efficiency of services.
The United States is currently integrating the population health framework into its health care system to be understand the different determinants of health. As described by Jonas & Kovner, population health involves primary prevention, as well as the ability to involve social, behavioral, and environmental determinants of health in a way that the patients will be able to carry out their medical providers’ recommendations about lifestyle behaviors to reduce potential complications as well as to prevent social crises such as homelessness and losing jobs (95).
I think that the United States Health Care system is on the right path to improve the equity in health care and reduce the determinants that lead to unequal treatment. The policies, programs and partnerships require proper coordination and implementation, as well as more analysis to be able to reduce health disparities and inequity in health

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