Play In Classroom

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This research was undertaken to investigate how play effects children’s social development in the junior infant classroom. “Play is essential to development because it contributes to the cognitive, physical, social and emotional well- being of children and youth” (Ginsburg, 2006.Pg. 1) Children are always engaged socially during play whether they are talking with their peers or an adult and therefore develop crucial social skills that are needed from early childhood into adulthood. According to Aistear which is the curriculum framework for early childhood education play allows the children to develop socially and it lays the foundation for them to become effective communicators (Aistear, 2009, Pg. 16) So policy documents support the nature…show more content…
Embedded Question 1. Are certain types of play better than others? 2. How does play affect children’s cognitive development? 3. What is the role of teachers and parents in play? Paradigm Throughout this study I as the researcher will be undertaking qualitative research. This form of research takes the participants attitudes and beliefs into account and uses them as a starting point to develop their own concepts and ideas. (Ritchie. 2011) As I will be collecting thoughts and opinions from teachers and parents on children’s social development due to play I deemed this to be the most appropriate form of research to use. The key to understand qualitative research is that it focuses on asking “what” “why” and “how” questions. (Ritchie. 2011) Since I am looking for the opinions of teachers it affects the data collection instruments that I will be using in the study. Semi Structured interviews and observations promote opinion based data. I can therefore ask the “how” “what” and “why” questions to understand what their opinions are about how play affects the children’s social development. There are some criticisms that qualitative research may become too biased as the researchers own opinions may influence the participant’s decisions or actions. However these can be taken into account by carefully choosing the sample needed for the study and reflecting on your work after each…show more content…
This is believed to be the most appropriate structure as according to Roulston interview never go as planned and researchers must be expected to deal with challenges that may arise. (Roulston, 2003) The interviews in this research will be conducted with three different groups of people, junior infant teachers, senior infant teachers and parents of junior infant children. I will interview 9 junior infant teachers, 9 senior infant teachers and 9 parents of children in junior infants. Interviews will allow me to get opinions and a more in depth analysis on what teacher and parent’s perspective is on
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