Social Emotional Development

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Social and emotional development:

Children go through many different social and emotional developments during their childhood. The first eighteen months of their lives is centered around attachment where they learn to recognise their primary carer and subsequently interact using body language and rudimentary noises. Babies will then develop their interactions with other adults and children in their immediate environment, if this is fostered early on, by nine months, they may begin to branch out showing a willingness to interact with other children and adults who are not the primary carers. As a child grows to the age on one they willhave begun to understand object permanence and begin to show definite emotions and assertivenesswhile also
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By the time children reach the age of thirteen all the way through to sixteen they undergo many physical changes which directly affect their social and emotional development. Their self esteem is effected due to puberty, their brain chemistry changes resulting in decreased empathy which makes them unable to easily understand the views of adults. This results in them losing themselves in hobbies, wanting to spend most of their time with their friends and can be susceptible to peer- pressure striving to be…show more content…
They have an instinctive sense of crying when their basic needs are not met.As the baby ages past four weeks their ability to concentrate their eyesight on more complicated static objects like toys increases. At 3 months, a child can begin to follow movements of objects either large or small and by the time a child reaches the six month mark they begin to develop a sense of curiosity. They are unable to focus on more than one thing and can easily be distracted by movements and sounds that are not their primary focus. Children will like to watch items fall but will struggle to follow them. At this stage the child’s tactile instincts will kick in making them fixate on smaller objects within their reach so as to put them into their
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