Social Differences Between North And South

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The North and South emerged as two differences because they had various differences.These differences included the geography,the economy,societal,and differences in the transportation systems. One of the most strong differences between the North and the South was the Climate and geography.In the North The climate is very different from the south.North has warm summers and snowy, cold winters like wise the south has warm,sunny,hot,humid summers ;and mild winters ,and heavy rainfall.The north has Bad farmland therefore they didn't have great agriculture. South has great farmland which meant they had a very good economy for agriculture and cash crops and much more. Secound was there various differences in the economy of the North and South.In the North for economy their was immigrants,textiles,cotton, and …show more content…

In conclusion I would like to live in the the South because it has very nice weather.The south made lots of great economy.But why do I want to live there?Because their would be many argiculture which means many mor tradeing and cash crops.Since the South has many cotton and rivers to trade therefore.You can trade and sell crops for a living of a family. I also wouldn’t like to live in the South because if i were not to be in the planter clas or have plantations i wouldnt really gain money.I also wouldn’t like to live in the south because on the other hand i wouldnt have many sociallity since their isn’t many organized religion,schools,or parks and many more

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