Social Dimensions Of Health

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Dimensions of Health The World Health Organisation (1946), defines health as an integrated approach to physical, mental and social well-being and not restricted to the absence of illness. Over the past several decades there has been a move away from the traditional pathological view of health and well-being, to the more practical and holistic salutogenic approach (Lindstrom and Eriksson, 2006). This categorises the different aspects of health and categorises them under the term dimensions of health, allowing for the implementation of a holistic plan of care and a person-centred approach (NMC, 2014). According to Hjelm’s (2010) model, there are six dimensions to consider, each being interconnected and having a positive or negative impact on the others. The physical dimension of health relates to the biological processes of the body’s various systems. Mental health pertains to an individual’s mental state. This is closely linked to emotional health as this has a significant impact on their mental health (Stevenson and Sloan, 2012). Spirituality closely relates to all other dimensions of health and creates a sense of worth and purpose for the individual (Bensley, 1991). Intellectual health adds to this feeling by creating a sense of achievement and satisfaction; allowing an individual to continually learn and try new experiences. The societal dimensions of health relate to an individual’s ability to interact with the social and community networks around them. Good communication
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