Social Discrimination In Rohingya

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Overview The Muslim minority living in western Myanmar/Burma 's Rakhine State – almost 800000 people – identify themselves as Rohingya. For decades they have suffered legal and social discrimination. There are long-standing tensions with the Buddhist Rakhine community over land and resources. These conflicts, in term, have subjected the Rohingyas to be denied the right to citizenship and even the right to self identify. The Rohingyas are subject to many restrictions like banned from travelling without authorization and prohibited from working outside their villages, they cannot even get married without permission from the authorities, and severely lack sufficient access to food, medical care and education. The persecution of the Rohingya Muslim minority at the hands of national and regional government authorities and local actors in western Myanmar’s Rakhine State has forcibly displaced hundreds of thousands of people since the outbreak of widespread violence in 2012. Some 150,000 Rohingya Muslims remain in more than 80 internal displacement camps in Rakhine State with limited access to humanitarian aid, while more than 100,000 others have fled by sea to other countries, often at the hands of abusive human traffickers. The government of Myanmar continues to impose severe restrictions on all Rohingya, Including restrictions on freedom of movement, marriage, childbirth, and other aspects of everyday life. It is estimated that over 100,000 Rohingya refugees are now living in

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