Social Disorganization In Sicario

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I. Introduction
The purpose of this critique is to establish why there is social disorganization in Mexico and how it relates to the movie Sicario. Also, the critique will compare this social disorganization in Mexico to other areas of the world. Finally, the purpose of this critique is to compare the style of law enforcement used in Sicario to other styles of law enforcement in the other settings.
II. Description of the Film
Taylor Sheridan’s Sicario follows Emily Blunt as Kate Macer an idealistic FBI agent who is enlisted by a task force to help in the fight against the drug war at the border of U.S.A and the Mexico. Also in the task force are Josh Brolin as Matt Graver and Benicio Del Toro as Alejandro whose objective is to catch a drug lord named Diaz. The movie starts by showing a raid being conducted by a swat team that slams through a house in a van. They end up capturing a few suspects and Kate ends of shooting one of the suspects that tries to shoot her. The gun shot reveals numerous dead bodies behind the walls, which is the first impression of the shear brutality of this area of Social disorganization. As officers check a shed in the backyard their ends up being a bomb that goes off killing two of the officers. After this incident Kate agrees to join the task force and heads
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Also, Sicario shows the social disorganization in Mexico and how it effects the law enforcement in the United States. It is important to criminology because it shows a good example of social disorganization in a place which can be almost being called Hell. From hanging bodies on the highway or behind walls, to constant gun violence it is important to know why these incidents occur and why social disorganization is active in Mexico. Furthermore, it is important to criminology to establish why in certain areas social disorganization is not

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