Social Disorganization In The Film, Crips: Made In America

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The first real study of social disorganization happened during the 1800’s in France by two men, Adolph Quetelet and Andre-Michel Guerry. They studied social disorganization by taking the recently released criminal records and mapping them. They were able to show that crime is related to places. After Adolph and Andre Michel came Robert Parks and Ernest Burgess who studied the similarities between ecology and urban social structures. Parks and Burgess after seeing how time played a role in how cities are affected, created a theory called the Concentric Zone theory. This theory correlated ecology means of invasion, dominance, and succession and combined it to cities. After Parks and Burgess, two men by the names of Shaw and McKay took up this theory and applied it social disorganization and its effects on delinquents. Shaw and McKay wanted to study the rate of delinquency and how it …show more content…

This movie takes place in South Central Los Angeles California where a crippling neighborhood sits just next to some of the wealthiest neighborhoods in California. It is in this documentary that they study how such a poor community can exist and how crime has riddle the streets to stay a community. The beginning of the movie talks about its once thriving area. There was this informal social control in which people could connect with one another. At one-point communities thrived on big businesses like Firestone and Chrysler but when these companies shut down and moved elsewhere these people with blue collar jobs could no longer get an education and were left with no opportunity to succeed. The riot where they gathered together to fight back the oppression of the police led to the community getting stronger and more violent to survive. With nowhere to go because of this invisible wall created by the police and no way to thrive, this cut off community turned to other methods to

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