Social Disparities And Inequalities

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A few things the article focused on were the definition of health disparities, the social disadvantages, and the political side. According to Healthy people2010, health disparities are “differences that occur by gender, race or ethnicity, education or income, disability, living in rural localities or sexual orientation”. Yes, I agree with that statement, but I think that race or ethnicity is the main one, that has lead to housing, education, and income inequalities. Blacks and Latinos have always been seen as inferior because racial discrimination, just like the article says, is rooted in our history. There is clear evidence that shows “less wealth, lower income, lower education attainment, and under-representation in positions of high occupational rank, and financial and political power among Blacks as a group compared with Whites”. Everyone has the right to equal medical care, education, protection, etc., yet this is not what is seen. Health is such an important part of one’s life and defines their “capability to function normally in society”. The people who are socially disadvantaged, also have to face inequalities with health care, which widen the gap. This is an obvious fact when you look at the statistics, but the government continues to ignore it. The government has the power to do so much about this issue; they…show more content…
It was found that people who made more money, has more access to a healthier lifestyle (groceries, time to cook, exercising, etc.), were less stressed, a lower probability of getting sick, and had a higher life expectancy. The people higher socioeconomically, are typically white people, and the ones on the other end are typically minorities. Black and Latino’s do not have the same job opportunities because they do not get access to the same level of education as white communities, and in turn are stuck at the bottom of the socioeconomic

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