Social Diversity And Social Justice

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M. Adams, W. Blumenfeld, C. Castaneda, H. Hackman, M. Peters, & X. Zuniga book, “Reading for the diversity and social justice”(2010) they explain social diversity and social justice. Highlighting social diversity is about social identity group differences and social injustice is the lack of fairness that produces inequality to a certain social group. The authors claim that in order to be aware of differences social diversity is a must and concluding we must appreciate social differences. Although they assert that norms shape the idea of what’s different. Those who are part of the norm are at a disadvantage and as a correlation all others are at a disadvantage. The authors supports this through the enactment of social injustice, which helps recognize marginalized social groups. Furthermore claiming that such awareness follows four conceptual frameworks: (1) social identity is based on social identity groups in advantage or disadvantage social locations/positions (2) the social construction of the privilege and oppression within specific historical contexts (3)…show more content…
Adams, W. Blumenfeld, C. Castaneda, H. Hackman, M. Peters, & X. Zuniga book “Readings in diversity and social justice” chapters 1-4 (2010) they discussed what identity is, how one’s identity is determined, inequalities, and social justice. The literature supports identity is shaped by individuals’ characteristics, family dynamics, historical factors, and social plus political contexts. Supporting the fact that a large part of our identity is dependent on who the world around us say you are. People are categorized by classes and there is always a group considered dominate (advantage) to the other subordinate/target (disadvantage). However, the authors continue to assert that through life we will belong to several identity categories because identity transformation is a lifelong process. Explaining experiences shapes our ongoing process of identity and each person deals with identity change

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