Essay On Social Injustice

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We are all humans, yet some of us are victims of social injustice and being denied out basic human rights. Many believe that diversity is an awful thing and there should be only one superior race above the rest. While others strongly disagree with those ideals, and believe that no matter the race, religion, gender, or sexual orientation, we are all human beings and deserve the best. Statistics of social injustice by YWCA Central Alabama show that are were 6,624 single bias incidents reported in 2017. Those include racially motivated which was the highest one, others were caused by religion, sexual orientation, ethnicity/national origin, and the least was being disability bias. These statistics show us the repetitive problems that occur. Some…show more content…
19 years old Kenneka Jenkins was found dead in the hotel freezer after midnight in Sunday. The last time she was seen was in the hotel surveillance camera around 3:20 a.m. She was at a party with her friends on Friday around 11:30 p.m. In the footage Kenneka is seen struggling to stay balanced she was intoxicated. The police stated that there was no evidence that Kenneka was assaulted and believed she opened the freezer and walked in herself. Later photos were leaked to the public, they showed Kenneka laying on the floor with her jean jacket jaggedly cut, it seemed like she was sexually assaulted. Kenneka’s sister and mother believe that there is foul play. Her mother reported her missing, but the police told her to wait before filling a report because that she could be with other friends or was a runaway and will come back. The mother stated, “If they had taken me seriously and checked right away, they could have found my daughter much sooner and she might have been alive’’. The medical examiner office refused to release Kenneka’s autopsy report, this is the reason we don’t know what were the factors that caused Kenneka’s death. As for Jorge Garcia he was brought to America when he was 10 years old by his parents. After 30 years in American with no criminal record, even with this Jorge has been deported. Jorge is married to a citizen and has two
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