Social Dress Code

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In today’s socially dress code has been quiet a controversial topic to discuss. Many believe it should be enforces, while others believe it shouldn’t be so sexists towards females. Since the beginning of mankind women and young ladies have been treated as a sexual object and we as female are not such objects, but Teachers, Doctors, Engineers, Mothers and so on. It’s 2017 and guys cannot comprehend the definition of respect and maturity. It doesn’t mean that all guys are like that, but for the most part are. School’s dress codes now and days are sexist towards females, indicating a female should hide her body for the actions of young immature boy who gets aroused easily.
While school dress code might be useful in schools to teach younger generations about how to dress in the workforce for the future, but that’s not the case anymore. As the years pass by the dress codes are being strictly enforce against females. Such as in the article written by Laura Bates, “How Schools Dress Codes Shame Girls and Perpetuate Rape Culture “Girls are repeatedly told the reason they have to cover up to avoid ‘distracting’ their
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Many people have personally seen with their own eyes how many females get called out for wearing a blouse that showed their collar bone or even be called out if she was wear a long shit with leggings. While on the other hand a boy can wear a cut up shirt and go on with his day without being called on for having an inappropriate shirt on. As Sunseri said in the article “The Sexism of School Dress Codes”, “I’ve never seen a boy called out for his attire even though they also break the rules.” Another example would be “It teaches our children that girls’ bodies are dangerous, powerful and sexualized, and that boys are biologically programmed to objectify and harass them.” Many people in college don’t seem to have dress code interfere with their
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