Divorce Among Teenagers

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Everyone goes through different problems in life. However, the most common problem teenagers encounter today is when their parents go through a divorce. One major reason why marriages do not survive is because couples would rather get a divorce instead of fighting for their relationship; which adds chaos throughout the whole process. Another reason why couples divorce is because they do not think about what they are doing to their families. Although many families are affected by a divorce, people never think about teenagers. A teenager can be affected the most throughout the whole process. Teenagers deal with divorce differently than anyone else because they watch everything that is going on with their parents. Many people know about the emotional effects of a divorce on a teenager, however, they never really think about the physical and social effects of the divorce on a teenager. One way many teenagers deal with a divorce is through their emotions. For example, teenagers may experience signs of depression throughout the divorce. In addition, many…show more content…
Divorce can overwhelm children, regardless of their age. Divorce is tough on everyone involved, but it affects teens differently than it affects anyone else. The emotional, physical, and social effects of a divorce on a teenager can be very hard for them to deal with if they do not have anyone to talk to about it. They see and go through a lot than any normal teenager does. They must see the people who raised them argue and talk about one another in a negative way. Often the teenager will take the side of one parent and “punish” the other with abusive behavior or by ignoring them outright. Teenagers of divorced parents can experience self-protective fear and an unwillingness to enter a committed relationship. For the sake of their kids, parents need to try to keep it as friendly as possible because teenagers are watching everything the parents are saying or doing to each

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