Social Effects Of Drug Revolution

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There is the American Revolution, the French Revolution, the Haitian Revolution, and so much more. Why hasn’t there been a Drug Revolution? A drug revolution is desperately needed in our community, and it will probably take a lot of work, patience, and time. Not only that, but for a successful revolution, uniting people around the same subject is needed. Having to make an organization of all these people may be a hard thing to do, but a Drug Revolution is needed for our community. Drugs are taking over the country, causing lots of troubles which include the most obvious effects of drug abuse such as ill health, sickness and, ultimately, death. The negative consequences of drug abuse are widespread, causing physical and emotional damage to…show more content…
Children whose family members abuse drugs often are physically or emotionally abused and often lack proper immunizations, medical and dental care, and necessities such as water, food, and shelter. The risk to children gets even bigger when their parents or guardians manufacture illicit drugs such as methamphetamine since methamphetamine abusers often produce the drug in their own homes and apartments. Hazardous chemicals such as hydriodic acid, iodine, and anhydrous ammonia make children often inhale dangerous chemical fumes and gases or ingest toxic chemicals or illicit drugs. These children commonly suffer from both short- and long-term health consequences, and from neglect that leads to psychological and developmental problems. Not only children, but obviously teens experience problems too. Using abusable substances as a teenager can disrupt brain function in areas critical to motivation, memory, learning, judgment, and behavior control, causing them to have family and social problems, poor academic performance, health-related problems and involvement with the juvenile justice system. Another drug problem would be that…show more content…
One solution to this problem is posting anti drug slogans or mottos around schools and towns. A poste that says ‘Family, friends, and drugs don’t mix’ would emphasize the fact that drugs not only affect the individual using it but also the people who love and care about them should be a big impact on drug abusers. Also, drugs make people high and ecstatic during a short period of time and when that period of time is all over, a drug addict feels negativity such as peisadness, frustration, senselessness. This could be shown in a motto such as ‘Choose to be jolly, stay away from Molly.’ However, every addict desires to continue experiencing the good feeling of drugs and the very moment when a person decides to take a second dose, he or she can be called an addict. A slogan such as ‘Drug addiction doesn’t last forever. You either get clean or die’ could make a drug addict have second thoughts about keep taking them. Besides slogans, prevention programs could also help work to eliminate or reduce risks for drug use. Programs can differ such as programs for adolescents that have not yet abused any drugs and address the dangers and risk of taking them. Another one could be for addicts who are already taking them, and the program could help drug addicts to get over drugs. Studies have shown that research-based programs by schools and communities can remarkably reduce early

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