Social Effects Of Illegal Drug Trade

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Justin Kim
Jeff Schwartje
March 22, 2017

What are the social effects of illegal drug trading?
Trade and Aid

Drug trafficking is happening all around the globe at the moment, from mass producers and cartels in certain isolated areas to small drug dealers downtown. The topic area for this report question is Trade and Aid. This report will be considering the possible social effects drug trafficking has done to the world. It will discuss what my peers and I think about drug trafficking, what laws my country has placed to counter drug trafficking and how the economy is effected in a certain country heavily involved with drugs compared to a country that is not very involved.
Drugs have a very high demand, as well as a high selling price. There have been many campaigns to reduce the illegal drug trade, like the ‘War on Drugs’. This is a US term when referring to the US government’s campaign of prohibition of drugs. Many drug wars have happened as well, such as the Colombian, Mexican, Miami, Philippine and Puerto Rican drug wars. There have been film documentaries on this topic. As for the United States, most of its drugs come from Mexican drug cartels, in which 195 cities have been effected by this. An estimation of around $10 billion of the Mexican drug cartel’s profit have come from the United States, further pushing America’s economic dependence on drugs. Despite many campaigns to reduce drug trafficking, the United States is currently the worlds largest importer of narcotics.
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