Social Effects Of Illegal Immigration Essay

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Finally, the social impact of illegal immigrants is also an issue. Immigration has been a major social issue since the end of the 20th century. Some people believe that a society of illegal immigrants whom are living among legal immigrants will be an optimistic scenario of both sides living in harmony (Martin, 1994). Others believe that it will be a pessimistic scenario with ethnic and racial groups going against one another, both within the immigrant community and between immigrants and natives. Another negative effect of immigration is that immigration is rising in the United States every year changing American culture. Also, immigration is affecting the world too by getting out of control in that some states now possess large immigrant populations…show more content…
The political effects that I have included in this paper are how does illegal immigration impact congressional apportionment, how Republicans and Democrats view immigration and political instability. The economic effects that I have included in this paper are that if a policy succeeds in making U.S. illegal immigrants more like legal immigrants, it will lower the spending of the national welfare by increasing wages for illegal workers. Other economic effects include that if the economic conditions were attractive to workers from other countries coming to the United States, the demand side of immigration should be structured by only granting visas for skilled workers and illegal immigration gives local businesses and communities an economic opportunity. For the political effects of the theory, immigration reform will alter the U.S. political landscape. This could lead to political instability as the system adapts to a new reality. The economy may benefit rather than lose due to immigration reform. In the short term, the resulting political instability may scare investors who decide to take this capital
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