Social Effects Of Immigration

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American Economic and Social Effects of Immigration Immigration is considered as one of the most debated topics not only by politicians, but also by ordinary citizens themselves. Considerably, many people from various places seek for a greener pasture for the welfare of their families. This is the reason why many people across the globe come to America to make their dreams a reality. The history of immigration in America started after the American Civil War and the reconstruction after such war. Ultimately, immigration to the United States was considered to be a part of a worldwide trend. Even until these very days, millions of immigrants gamble and go to America to find work. These immigrants came from various countries across the globe,…show more content…
Although immigrants can cause problems, such as weakening America's security, they could also bring many credits that would help the country in the long run. As such, American legislators must be able to make policies that would control or assimilate illegal immigrants, rather than restricting them. As discussed above, immigrants impact America’s economy and society. Ultimately, a large number of immigrants have dominated the U.S., and they work on construction, manufacturing and services. Without immigrants, the U.S. economy will eventually collapse. As discussed earlier, immigration has economic effects such as expanding the market, because immigrants are able to bring various skills to the tables. Aside from that, immigrants also help America with its GDP because most of the immigrants who enter U.S. start their own business. By starting their own business, they are able to generate more jobs. Wages are also improved because of immigrants. In addition, immigrants have also helped Americans with their diet because of the introduction of traditional cuisines. Because of the existence of foreign restaurants in America, Americans are able to appreciate the food culture of other countries across the globe. It is also worthy to note that because of multicultural workers, the labor force in America is enhanced. Markets are also expanded because the immigrants' ethnic and national origins help different companies to branch out new markets. As such, companies are able to generate more profit. Above all, it is worthy to consider that immigrants have also influenced American arts. In fact, there were immigrants, or children of immigrants won Oscars Awards, and there were some of them who because composers and lyricists, and contributed in writing the standard American songbook. All of these benefits strengthen why the presence of
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